Treymerica Personnel

Treymerica Industries started in 1981 as the offspring of two parent companies, the Granger family and the Johnson family. In 2001, Treymerica expanded to form a new family within the Delta Chi fraterniy, the Swinger family.

The Granger family is mysterious to me in that I haven’t ever met almost half of its members. My Aunt Brenda died before I was born, and the only person who I’ve met on her side of the family is my cousin Shannon (whom I’ve met once).

The Johnson family is rich in name tradition, as you will notice looking at the family tree. Many of the names are passed down from generation to generation, including “Anne,” “Bright” and “Jennings.”

The Swinger family continues to grow with each new pledge class, but is special to me because I was a Founding Father and thus at the top of the family tree.

I hope you enjoy learning about what makes each family member so special.