About Treymerica

Trey w/Disney hat

CEO Trey Granger wears many hats.

How do you know that Treymerica Industries is the right partner for you? Let’s skip the compatibility tests and get to know CEO Trey Granger.

What makes me happy and where do I seek inspiration? How do I unwind and who is my go-to source of entertainment?

Use the pages below to learn more about my personal preferences in all things life. Be sure to check back for changes as my tastes evolve.

  • Activities
    Find out how I spend my personal time
  • Food
    See some of my favorite cuisine to order and make
  • Media
    Get to know the music and shows on my playlist
  • Sports
    When I root for the home team, there are certain teams in mind
  • Travel
    Check out my frequent destinations and bucket list locales